Millstadt Chamber of Commerce

Police DepartmentAccording to local history, the village of Millstadt was started with a single German barn-raising in 1836. After almost 200 years of residents and local businesses working together, Millstadt has become a thriving community in southwestern St. Clair County that many are happy to call home.

Community Development

By connecting local businesses, the Millstadt Chamber of Commerce strives to provide a better business environment for its members. At our quarterly meetings, we discuss new community programs that benefit the businesses, citizens and village of Millstadt.

MillstadtBusiness Growth

Our organization helps local companies market their businesses to the community and beyond. By joining, you can strengthen your business relationships with other local businesses and help build Millstadt into a stronger community. Learn more about joining the Millstadt Chamber of Commerce today.
Get involved with the Chamber today! Look at our committee page and pick an area where you would like to participate.

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